Kaiju Care

Care Instructions

Kaiju cloth goods are all machine wash friendly. Delicates or gentle cycle only. No fabric softener. If you have a garments bag that's even better! 

Air dry only. 

Alternatively you can also hand wash or dry clean. 

Note: Kimono fabrics are hand wash or dry clean only. 

Kaiju leather goods are protected with a natural leather balm. Small scratches can typically be buffed out with the oils from your hand. If you have a small scratch that is not coming out you can use a leather balm and a micro fiber cloth to buff it out. 

At Kaiju Cut and Sew we prefer Smith's Natural Leather Balm. We are not endorsed by this company, this is just a leather balm that we like and use on all of our leather goods. 

Additional questions? Feel free to send us an email!